Russell Jaffe – Senior Consultant

Russell Jaffe

Russell’s consulting work is based on his extensive experience as a counsellor and family court mediator, leading in to over 30 years of consulting work both here and in New Zealand. He has had the privilege of working closely with community, State and Federal Government, developing insights and awareness to enhance his knowledge.

Russell’s passion and commitment to social justice shows up in all his work. He loves assisting senior managers and boards to develop awareness and insight into what is needed within their organisation and what changes can be made for maximum impact. This reflective approach has enables him to bring about significant changes in organisations and assisted in the development of major policy proposals for various government departments.

His affinity for cross cultural work began with his extensive involvement with the Maori community in New Zealand and has continued here with his work across Australia with Aboriginal communities. He loves the challenge of synthesizing ‘management speak’ to community needs, capturing the essence of what a community or an organisation wants and encouraging them to trust their own knowledge and learning.

Russell has a strong value base from his Jewish upbringing, which comes out in the energy and effort he puts into his work and his affiliation with the community sector. He loves working on longer term projects to maximise their impact over the long term. Russell has been trusted by several organisations to continue work with them over a period of a decade or longer. This lifetime of consulting was recently captured in his joint authorship of the book ‘The Heart of Consulting’, with Liz Dimitriadis.


  • Master of Arts (Social Work)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Community Work

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