Judith Freidin - Associate

Judith Freidin has been working with LDC Group for over two decades. Her financial and research expertise has been highly valued on many projects that Judith has contributed to.

Judith is an experienced evaluator, social researcher and financial analyst with extensive experience in private and public organisations. A proficient interviewer and desk researcher, Judith has considerable experience in working with a range of stakeholders including consumers, direct service providers and managers.

Judith has worked across the government, industry and community and philanthropic sectors since first qualifying as an Accountant over 25 years ago. She further developed her research and analytic skills by acquiring degrees in Psychology and Educational Administration. She has extensive experience in policy development, project evaluation and financial analysis. As well she is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis and has extensive experience in the preparation of reports for government and community organisations.

Judith holds a Master of Education degree, a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She has developed a range of methods for undertaking financial analysis within the community sector. In particular she has assisted organisations in evaluating the effectiveness of financial systems and controls, improved the flow of financial information to Boards and Committees of Management and assessed the financial viability and sustainability of current operations.

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