Our Conversations

Conversations that matter offer opportunities to accumulate shared meaning over time.

Through meaningful conversations we can expand the possibilities for creating and sustaining partnerships at work, enabling us to engage with each other and speak with more awareness.

Meaningful conversations can help us understand the paradigms from which we engage with the people around us; and the lenses we use to make judgments and decisions in our work.

We facilitate conversations as processes for discovery and diagnosis; and as processes for problem solving and collaboration. Our series of facilitated conversations can assist leaders to identify and address issues that are concerning them.

Leading during COVID-19: Conversations with Community Sector Leaders in Victoria.

To support our sector during this difficult time we have been facilitating a series of Zoom conversations with leaders. These conversations focus on the expressed challenges and opportunities of leaders during the pandemic and offer a forum to problem solve, exchange ideas and develop collaborative partnerships.

Planning for the future and managing the present

December 2020
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Taking care of our staff so they can do their best work

November 2020
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Conversations with Community Sector Leaders in Victoria

September 2020
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Conversations matter