Organisational Statement

LDC Group is the registered business name (Registration No. B1930353S and ABN 87 155 890 607)

Our Mission

To creatively support organisations to improve the way they manage and deliver their services.

Our Principles

Creative - We will use a variety of tools and techniques to deliver each project’s desired outcomes

Effective – We will explore with organisations what they want from a project and will agree on how to best achieve it.  We will regularly report progress and seek feedback

Efficient - We will work to meet timelines and budgets

Ethical - We will adhere to the ethical standards pertaining to each project

Collaborative - We will work collaboratively with organisations, their constituents and clients, fostering open lines of communication and encouraging learning.

Skilled - We will utilise the skills and experiences of our team to bring our varied perspectives, skills and talents to each project.

Diversity – We will utilise, build on and impart our knowledge of diversity issues impacting communities and organisations.